Our Services

  • Building Automation / Management system:
  • Capabilities: Supply ,Testing and Commissioning
  • Turnkey solutions for Building Automation & HVAC Control Systems  (Automated Logic Corporation, USA)
  • Remote monitoring and Controls of HVAC equipment, IOT based.  (Ouman, Finland)
  • Precise Electrical Energy Monitoring with Remote GUI. (eGauge, USA)
  • Integrated Room Control Solutions for FCUs, VAVs, etc. (Reliable Controls, Canada).
  • Powerful Alarm Monitoring for Environmental, Leak Detection, Critical equipment, etc. for Datacenters or any spaces with audible, email, and SMS notifications.
  • Optimized and efficient Chiller Plant Manager and Hot Water Plant Systems with seamless integration offerings.
  • Isolation rooms monitoring & Controls system for healthcare facilities ( AIIR)
  • Commercial & Residential Building Parking Ventilation Control Systems.
  • Multiple System Integration (MSI) solutions connect all your facilities, systems, and equipment seamlessly.
  • Supply of products ranges from BACnet Routers with multiple protocols, BACnet/Modbus Touch screen displays, sensors, valves, flow meters, electrical meters, Cooling/Heating meters, etc.